Register For Ford Explorer ST SUV Experience-Asheville

The new ST SUVs don’t just go fast – they do so with control, style, and sophistication valued by you and your passengers. These smart, and sporting, choices in transportation require us to deliver an experience to you that demonstrates their outstanding athletic abilities and technological features using both a controlled setting and public roads… and do all of which in an appropriate and safe manner.

When you join us in Asheville for this complimentary experience exclusive to all Explorer ST owners you will be exposed to the vehicles and what they can do like never before.  From exercises designed to hone your driving skills while demonstrating technology in our vehicles to a tour through the Blue Ridge Parkway and other scenic roads, along with visits to noted local highlights, the ST SUV Experience is comprehensive and the first program of its kind to be conducted by the Ford Performance Racing School. Once you have completed this program, you will have even more respect for your ST SUV and a new-found appreciation for your enhanced driving skills. Oh, and plenty of terrific memories of a wonderful time spent in the mountains surrounding one of America’s most beautiful towns in the southeast, Asheville.

Included with your Asheville Ford ST SUV Experience registration:

  • 1-day driving experience in scenic Asheville, NC*
  • 1 guest experience**
  • 1-night stay at the Village Hotel on the world-famous Biltmore Estate®***
  • Welcome dinner reception for you and a guest at Cedric’s Tavern in Antler Hill Village on Biltmore Estate®
  • Breakfast for you and a guest at Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate®
  • Catered lunch for you and a guest
  • Exclusive ST SUV Experience participant gifts
  • 1-hour self-guided Biltmore House Tour (on program day)
  • Access to Biltmore’s grounds, gardens, and Antler Hill Village & Winery during the length of your stay.
  • Memories to last a lifetime

* Guided scenic mountain drive from Asheville to Mt. Pisgah, which will allow you to experience the handling, paddle shifts, and RPM hold capability. At WNC Agricultural Center, participants will perform exercises in a skid car to learn how to control oversteer and understeer, experience the accident avoidance capabilities of Ford Co-Pilot360™, and push the vehicle to its dynamic limits (Autocross).

** Guest experience is optional – limit one guest for program activities (excludes Skid Car).  Age restrictions – 14 years minimum, or 16 years w/ valid driver’s license to drive; if under 18 years, the ST owner must be 18 or older.

*** Includes either 2 doubles or 1 king bed the evening of the reception dinner. (Additional adult guests are at the expense of the participant)

– You and your guest are responsible for all transportation to and from the Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate.